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Yuletide 2014

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Oct. 25th, 2014 | 08:53 pm

Dear Writer of the Yuletide,

So, if you're here it means we've matched on a (or possibly more than one) fandom. Yay! It's nice to have you here.

If you're the kind of person who likes to get in the know about their assignment this journal might not be of much help. Feel free to take a peek at my tumblr if you want to learn anything more about me this letter can't give you.

I'm also dm21 at AO3 but again, not really reflective of me. All four of the fics I have uploaded are old and a bit of a ways away from the fandoms I'm in now.

I love all fandoms equally but some prompts come to me more easily than others so don't be intimidated if any requests seem wordier than others.

So, first off, some general stuff

I am a sucker for strong friendships. I especially like the kind of friendships that could be read as something more. Of course, I also like the kind of relationships that can be straight-up read as romantic or just straight-up friendship.

Fic with strong plots and character development are great but so is fluff. Whichever you're more comfortable with is fine by me.

No smut please. Sorry if you're into that. Stuff that pushes the boundary is okay (a fade to black for example) but no full out smut or porn.

Some of the fandoms I've chosen are primed for some angsty stuff which is all fine but I'd love to keep it at least somewhat optimistic if you're going down the angsty route.

So, here goes the good stuff. Fandoms ordered in alphabetical order.

Bates Motel
Characters – Norma Bates, Dylan Massett

Let me preface this one by saying I don't want incest with these two. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's continue.

So, I go in to Bates Motel totally expecting some mother/son feelings from Norman Bates and his mother. Which, I did have. And then Norman's stupidly hot older brother, otherwise known as Dylan Massett showed up having a just as screwed up relationship with his mother (albeit in a different way) and I was completely thrown for a loop.

At the end of this season, we certainly saw a change in their relationship. I'd love to see some follow up in their reactions after learning that Norman is, to their knowledge, innocent.

Mostly, what I just want is Norma and Dylan having a stronger mother/son relationship and insights into how they interact with each other.

Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
Characters – Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow

One day, I managed to catch this film on TCM and I fell in love. I wanted more from these two from this film specifically but could sadly find none.

Of course, these two are fictionalized, romanticized versions of real people. You're free to take inspiration from real life but I'd rather you stick to events pictured in the movie.

I'm open to pretty much anything regarding this movie but if you're stretching yourself to figure out exactly what to write then here's a few ideas.

AU that takes place in a different time period
Change in ending where only one of the couple dies and how they cope after the others death.
The smaller, unseen moments from Bonnie and Clyde

Again, pretty much open to anything so write to your heart's content.

Fantasista Doll
Characters - Kiyomasi Komachi, Totori Kagami, Uno Uzume, Uzuki Manai

Feel free to add any other characters needed to make the story work.

I pretty much fell head over heels in love with this anime at first sight. It's pretty much The Power of Friendship: The Show and I love that kind of stuff. And also, it made me cry so that solidified it as one of my favorites (not that all of my favorite stuff makes me cry just that stuff I enjoy tends to bring out raw emotions.)

I do have one ship from this canon and it's Uzume/Kagami. Their relationship really grabbed me. I loved their transition from rivalry to friendship. If you want to write shipfic about them go right ahead.

Other than that I'd love something to dig in to the relationship between these characters. What was the aftermath of Komachi's reveal as the chairman? How do the events at the end of the final episode affect them? Do they all hang out together or do Uzume, Manai, and Kagami still have their doubts about Komachi?

Maybe some insight in Komachi's mind over the events of the series. Do her feelings toward Uzume and the dolls have any effect on her decision or does she just see them as collateral towards getting back Sonnet? How does she see Proto-Zero? Is she just another doll to Komachi or does she feel something stronger towards her?

Fic of our main trio Masquerade Curry Upbeat (Uzume/Manai/Kagami) giving insight into their bond and how it's become stronger is another idea you might want to use.

Wake Up Girls
Characters - Nanase Yoshino, Shimada Mayu

Feel free to add any other characters needed to make the story work.

I admit to not having much to say while the show was first running. But after finishing the last episode I was able to ruminate over the series and I found my love for it grew as time went on. I do hope WUG gets a second season but the possibility seems a bit slim so fingers crossed.

So the end of the season finds our girls getting an offer from – what was it? - Bivex records (subtle). I'd like to see a fic that explores what happens post series. It's been a rocky road for this girl group so what happens now? Are they an instant smash or does it take some time for them to rise the ranks? Wake Up Girls is very much a grounded approach to the usual idol anime so I'd like something that stays in that vein.

For Mayu, I'd like to see more from her past. Her relationship with her mother, her relationship with the rest of I-1 Club, her relationship with the manager of I-1 Club, and so on. Maybe expand more on the event that got her kicked out of I-1 Club?

Nanase was an early favorite of mine. We know she has some experience in show business but has it prepared her for the pressure that comes from being in an idol group? How does she handle being the leader of the group and how does that mesh with Mayu's role as center?

I totally ship Nanase and Mayu. They had an underlying rivalry at the beginning that really intrigued me. If you're comfortable writing them together do feel free to do so.

Witches of East End
Characters – Ingrid Beauchamp, Dash Gardiner

I have watched all the way to the end of season 2 so no danger about spoilers here.

Dash/Ingrid definitely took me by surprise. Sadly, we did not leave off very well at the end did we? If you'd like to pretend that whole Dash and Killian switch didn't happen go straight on ahead. If you want to explore the ramifications of that, then feel free to do so.

I'd like to see an alternative to that jail scene. What would have happened if Ingrid had gone to see Dash instead of Killian. What kind of conversation would take place? Would Ingrid have told Dash she was pregnant or would she keep it secret a little longer?

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